How much room do your pets need?


We all have our vision of the perfect, dream home. It could be a modern two story home overlooking the sacramento river, or a immaculate victorian home, or a remote property with room for horses. Regardless of where we place our dream homes, we often also envision the other inhabitants living happily with us, especially our pets.

In fact, a recent article in Money Magazine explained that people in the demographic known as millennials are actually buying homes specifically to have pets; many rental contracts expressly forbid ownership of even fish or birds. As it said in the article, a recent survey "found that a third of millennials who had already purchased their first home said they were influenced by the need to have space for a dog."

How Much Space Do You Need?

That, however, brings us to the main point of this article - just how much space is needed? Unfortunately, not all places are ideal for pets, and if you have found that your home needs more room to keep pets happy, or you are looking for a dream home suited to pet ownership - we've got the details you need!

Now, if you find that you need more room for your pets, it could be that you require more "square footage" in your yard, or it could be that you need "acres" instead.  Naturally, this really all depends on the pet(s) in question, their size and their requirements.

As a simple example, cats do not need or benefit from enormous expanses of terrain. They are territorial, and if you can limit the space they need to "protect" outdoors (or even consider keeping them as house cats) it is better.

Dogs, on the other hand, do need to get outdoors, and most dogs can benefit from a standard urban "lot" of 1/4 or less. In fact, many say that 1500 square feet of space to romp and roam (which is actually quite small since the average acre provides over 40k square feet) will be good for the average sized dogs, and smaller pooches. Fenced in and gated, it can let them roam freely and safely, and burn off the energy they need to remain healthy and contented.

Larger dogs, though, are rarely a good fit to urban life. They are far better off if they have more than 1/2 an acre to run and exercise. And if you are someone eager to own pets such as horses, goats or other similar creatures, you'll need at least one acre. Experts say that is really pushing the limits, though as it is only "with excellent management" that a single horse can be kept happy and healthy on that size of farmland. It is best to start with two acres, or more if your vision of a dream home includes two horses, some dogs, a cat or two and even more.

If you have found a property with the right amount of land for the pets you dream of owning, let us help you make it a reality. We can guide you through the mortgage process and ensure you have just the right amount of space for you and your pets.

Posted on March 19, 2018 and filed under mortgage.

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