Refinance Loans in Red Bluff, California


If you've been wanting to remodel your house, pay off debt, put in a pool, or install solar capabilities, refinancing is a great way to do it. PrimeLending offers assistance with several types of refinance loans in Red Bluff, California and the surrounding areas. Listed below are the most common refinancing loans and the terms and benefits associated with each of them.

USDA Streamline

The Streamline Assist Refinance Loans offered by the United States Department of Agriculture provide the opportunity to refinance loans for more affordable payment terms to direct and guaranteed home loan borrowers with low or no equity. Eligible rural homebuyers who have been current on their mortgage for 12 months prior to requesting refinancing may apply. No new appraisals, credit review, home inspections, debt ratio calculations are required when refinancing with this option.

FHA Streamline

The Federal Housing Administration’s streamlined refinancing option requires limited borrower documentation and underwriting. The mortgage to be refinanced must already be FHA insured, current, and result in a net tangible benefit for the borrower. However, be aware that the FHA  does not allow lenders, such as PrimeLending, to include closing costs in the new mortgage amount so these may need to be paid out-of-pocket by the borrower.


The Home Affordable Refinance Program was created to help homeowners who have little to no equity in their homes, but are current on time with their mortgage payments. Bank mortgages owned by Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac could qualify for HARP refinancing. Unlike FHA streamlined refinancing, HARP will allow closing costs to be bundled into the new loan so less up-front cash is needed from the borrower.


The Veterans Administration’s Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan (IRRRL) will not only lower your current VA home loan interest rate. It can also be used to refinance an adjustable rate mortgage into a fixed rate loan. This refinancing loan option can only be used on property on which you have already used your VA loan eligibility and will reuse the entitlement under which you originally qualified. Closing costs may be included in the loan, but borrowers are not eligible to receive any cash from the loan.

The professionals at PrimeLending are prepared to find you the best refinance loan option for your situation. By working with the above government programs, we can assure that refinancing your Red Bluff, California area home will lower your rates and save you money. We also offer services for customers needing renovation loans and down payment assistance* for new homeowners.

Call us today and let us find the refinance program that will work best for you.

*Certain restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Please contact your PrimeLending loan officer for more details.